About PaintedReality


I’m Chad Thiele, the founder and digital artist behind PaintedReality.

Originally, “Painted Reality” was the name of my art style. It came from a friend who saw my art and said “hey, it looks like some of that cool ‘painted reality’ type style from video games!”

I suppose in some ways this site, and my art, is accidental. I’m a former U.S. Air Force member who separated and stayed in Tokyo, Japan (you can see my other website, TokyoSpark for more about that). I’ve been here over 20 years now.

I’d consider myself absolutely terrible at traditional art. But somehow, through some sort of miracle, luck, or whatever you want to call it, I have a knack for digital art using an iPad + ProCreate.


Exclusive, Unique, Digital Artwork

So that’s what I do. I hand-paint exclusive and unique artwork you can purchase.

I offer a uniquely generous personal-use license so you can do more with my artwork than other digital media services allow. If you want to print 15 prints for all the walls in your home, go for it.

Want to create gifts for friends and family during the holidays? Sure, why not.

The only thing you can’t do with my license is use my artwork for commercial gain — or redistribute the digital.


Secure payment; Instant digital delivery

There’s no wait. No login needed. No signup required. Payment and delivery come directly to you via FastSpring, my merchant provider.

That means your financial info never touches PaintedReality servers and I don’t store anything about you.

Securely order and download your new artwork immediately after purchase. Easy.

Print how YOU want

You can make prints in exactly the sizes and materials you want. No more settling for the closest thing.

Is an 18×24″ metal print perfect for your den? No problem. Or maybe you want a quick 8×10″ paper print you can frame for your desk? You can do that too.

Perhaps there’s a perfect spot in your kitchen, but it’s not a standard size. No worries, print precisely the size you need.

In fact, you could print all those, anytime. All from a single purchase.

Reprint damaged wall art

Got kids? Moving to a new home? If you’re artwork gets damaged, nothing to worry about. Since you own the digital you can reprint any time to replace damaged pieces.

Even craft unique gifts

You can get crafty too. How about a PaintedReality art t-shirt for your child’s birthday? Or a cooler-than-normal mug for Father’s Day? (hey, it’s better than socks right? Well, you could print the art on socks too!)

No problem.

Print birthday cards, postcards, posters, t-shirts, mugs, beach towels, throw pillows… fridge magnets, stickers, buttons… anything you want.

Never struggle to find an amazing, unique gift again.

Thank you

Thanks for stopping by to read more about me, and PaintedReality. I look forward to offering you something fantastic to decorate your space with.

If you don’t see a piece you like now I’m always adding more. I can usually finish one or two pieces a week if I get the time. But sometimes it pushes to one piece over two weeks.

Also depends on how intricate the scene is of course.

Thanks again, have a great day.