PaintedReality is…

We’re a veteran-founded art studio; Exclusive artwork to decorate your spaces with highly detailed, interesting, unique imagery.

Our goal is to keep making really well-designed products. We’re more of a design company than anything else, one that sells its own products, with a primary focus on great art.

Originally, “Painted Reality” was the name of our art style. It came from a friend who saw our art and said: “hey, it looks like some of that cool ‘painted reality’ type style from video games!

Our style has progressed and changed over time, but the name stuck.

Exclusive, Unique Artwork

We offer a uniquely generous full commercial license for our digital artwork — so you can do more with our artwork than other services allow. If you want to print 15 prints for all the walls in your home, go for it.

Want to create gifts for friends and family during the holidays? Sure, why not.

Want to craft your own merch and make some moola from our artwork? Go for it!


Hassle-Free; Secure; Instant Digital Delivery

When you order our artwork, there’s no wait. No login needed. No signup required. Payment and delivery come directly to you via FastSpring, our merchant provider.

That means your financial info never touches PaintedReality servers and we don’t store anything about you.

Securely order and download your new artwork immediately after purchase. Easy.

Thank you

Thanks for stopping by to read more about PaintedReality. We look forward to offering you something fantastic to decorate your space with.

If you don’t see a piece you like now we’re always adding more, keep stopping by to check out what’s new!