A Generous Full Commercial License

Most art licenses severely limit what you can use the artwork for. Not our license.

You are free to use this artwork for your own personal AND commercial needs, such as:

  • Fine-art prints to decorate the walls of your home
    • Paper, metal, canvas, acrylic, bamboo… any material, any size you want
    • Print as many as you need, or replace damaged prints
  • Print on blocks to sit on tables or desks
  • Wallpapers across all your computers, smartphones, or tablets
  • Craft and sell merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, or throw pillows
  • Fridge magnets maybe?

Good Forever

You own the license to use the artwork in this manner forever. There’s no expiration on these terms.

So really you can do anything you want with the artwork, forever.

Just one thing…

There’s just one thing you cannot do under this license and that is: you are not authorized to sell/redistribute the digital file as-is.

But that really is it. Nice and simple.