The Japan Collection Vol. 1 Artwork

The Japan Collection  Vol. 1 | PaintedReality

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Six high-quality art pieces based on Japanese culture and landmarks — to decorate your home, office or become thoughtful gifts — worth $374 —
all for only $129 – 65% off!

Full Commercial License

Use this collection of artwork within an unlimited number of commercial projects. This includes end products for sale, print and web work, social media, etc.

Software Friendly

This collection contains optimized JPEG images which will work within all graphics software (including design apps on mobile and tablets).

What’s Included?

Two prints and 3 digitals of interesting imagery of Japan, and Japanese culture.

Sakura Lake

Sakura Lake Print

A professional print of beautiful cherry blossoms over a lake. A stylistic rendition using a desaturated technique to emphasize the pink cherry blossoms.

Tokyo Skytree Saucer

Tokyo Skytree Saucer Print

An impressive print of the magnificent Tokyo Skytree tower… the upper “saucer” section from a low perspective — with retro color-grade style.

And Four Digitals

Sparkling Rainbow Bridge
Japanese Ramen
The Lonely Torii
Great Buddha Kamakura, Japan

Prints are…

Each print is 18 x 24″ on an incredible satin paper using a 12-ink chroma-color process — to bring you immaculate, vivid, sharp prints — and inks tested to last 100+ years!

Digitals are…

10560 x 7920 resolution at 440dpi, optimized JPEG fully ready for you to print at almost any size you want. Print on anything and send as unique gifts too!

And don’t forget the full commercial license. Make some moola on the side!

Use this artwork to create your own merch to sell, such as pillows, t-shirts, hats, mugs, beach towels, socks, shoes, buttons, stickers, prints, and so much more.

Send as unique gifts

With the digital version, you’re free to make as many prints as you want. Send as memorabilia of your travels to the wonderful country of Japan.

What You Get

You get immediate access to download the digital "original" of this artwork -- and we give you an enhanced license with your order.

Plus you get our craftsmanship. Our pride and focus on quality. You've heard of 4K. You know it looks amazing. Our artwork is 10K!

Use For Anything

What's the use of buying amazing digital artwork only to be limited in how you can use it? We don't like that either.

So we let you use it for almost anything, like:

  • Prints for your walls
  • Prints as gifts for friends/family
  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Pillow cases
  • Beach towels
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Book Covers
  • Blog articles (even article behind paywalls)
  • And so on...

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